Where Social Networking and Criminal Law Meet

United States criminal justice system flowchart.
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Ken Strutin at LLRX posted an article yesterday listing resources on the intersection of online networking and criminal justice. There has been some interesting news lately regarding the use of information developed in the social networking context in criminal investigations and prosecutions. We are all familiar with the admonitions against posting information against interest (read: drunken party binge videos) on-line where they are easily accessible by anyone. Mr. Strutin’s links highlight how social networking evidence is being employed in the criminal justice arena. Once you get past the general information on what social networks are, Mr. Strutin includes links to news articles under the headings “criminal justice” and “prosecution“, with subheadings concerning investigation, defense, discovery, witness background, jury selection, due diligence, as well as recent scholarly articles on the subject. Great one-stop primer on what your MySpace shenanigans can do for you.

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