Another Visual Medium for Law Firm Marketing

webinarOther than one-off videos and broadcast news channels, are there other ways to get your legal prowess on a screen for the masses to enjoy? Karen Sloan writes at about the current trend of lawyers using webinars to connect with clients. These presentations, broadcast over the Web, offer clients a direct opportunity to log on, watch and learn from the comfort of their own desk on their own screen.

Besides being a forwarding-thinking use of technology, hosting a webinar offers a significant savings  when compared to flying out for a face-to-face. Saving money is high on the priority list these days. Webinars can include attorneys from disparate offices and clients can be equally as far-flung. They generally consist of slides accompanying the attorneys’ lectures on a particular topic. The slides can be made available to clients for later review. In fact, recording the entire webinar and creating a library can be a valuable asset to both the firm and clients.

The sky is the limit as far as subject matter. Obviously, current events-related topics will likely garner the most interest. Investment scandals, bail-outs and privacy issues related to burgeoning internet use are almost guaranteeed to prick up the ears of clients.

A successful webinar will require the same techniques as a successful seminar presentation. Avoid excessive slides with too much detailed text. Employ an engaging approach. Change up the Power Point slides with flash, images, web-demonstrations and polls. You can improve the odds of a successful webinar by choosing your host wisely and considering a meeting consultant who can advise regarding best practices. One helpful tip I saw was offering the webinar twice to accomodate different time schedules.

I tried to locate a list of preferred webinar hosting sites, but was unable to find a clear recommendation from an objective source. If you have attended a successful webinar, you might consider querying the presenter as to their host.

The webinar will not only save money, it will signal to your clients that you are a forward-thinking advocate.

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