Have You Ever Wanted Your Own “Court TV?”

mogulusOr “Patent Law Now” or “Insurance Tips and Tricks?” If you have ever been interested in securing your own 15 (or more) minutes of fame via the broadcast TV medium, Mogulus might be your answer. Mogulus live broadcast is a free turnkey Internet TV service, offering a full featured TV studio. You can broadcast your show on their website or you can embed a broadcast widget on your site.

Attorneys already are using video on their sites to broadcast their message and that makes perfect sense in this visually-oriented society. Applying a broadcast news-style medium to the communication gives the message a familiar, trustworthy news-oriented gloss.

The player widget is flash-based and can include viewer chat. The studio offers live streaming with any USB or DV camera and you can mix multiple cameras and clips in real time and add broadcast graphics. You can stream remotely with a data card or mobile phone, and there is the means for importing YouTube and Media RSS. Check the site for sample broadcasts – they are pretty darn impressive.

Mogulus offers different levels of commitment to their product, with different price points. The entry level is free, which is my favorite number.

Obviously, crafting one’s own broadcast as an adjunct to the practice of law is not for everyone. But, with the forced expansion of the solo population as more and more attorneys are cut free, my thought is that offering a law-related broadcast on one’s site is another great tool for distinguishing your practice from the next guy’s. Who know? 60 Minutes might pick you up as the next Walter Kronkite.

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