Did Someone Say ….. Coffee?

coffeeThose who follow me on Twitter might have seen my post earlier today about the plethora of items on my to-do list and my frustrating lack of coffee. America runs on it, but members of the legal profession seem to be particularly fond of the stuff. Hat tip to the Ross-Blakely Law Library blog for the link to this Q & A on AmLaw Daily about our high-octane addiction. According to the post, “caffeine has reached this point for largely one reason: it works.” There are explanations for the mechanics behind the magic, as well as its limits, including the admonition against relying on a Vente double shot “to bolster your brilliance when arguing before the Supreme Court.” The article also offers tips on how to maximize the effect while minimizing your intake (who would want to do that?)

Technology of the chemical variety? You bet! And while there are as many ways to get the quick fix as there are fixer-ups in need, I myself prefer a steaming extra large cup, preferably of the hazelnut variety, with extra cream, fall, winter, spring and summer.

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