Legal Blogging Is Everywhere

Image by luc legay via Flickr

Robert Ambrogi at his LawSites blog has two interesting entries today and both involve legal blogging. Mr. Ambrogi reports on a new blog by the American Bankruptcy Institute and St. John’s University School of Law called ABI Bankruptcy Case Blog. This blog’s contributors intend to provide in-depth analsis on “cutting-edge bankruptcy issues.” The second blog, which is a bit closer to home for me, is being launched by Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley called At Issue & In Focus. The blog offers a forum for Massachusetts residents to connect with the work of the AG’s office in an effort to foster citizen understanding and participation. A lofty goal, indeed. Apparently, the AG’s office also has a Twitter feed and a YouTube channel to expand communication to the denizens of the Web.

When bankruptcy practitioners and state’s attorney generals start dabbling in social media and Governor Deval Patrick is included in my FaceBook friend list, you KNOW social media has hit the mainstream in a big way.

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