How Nice: TechCrunch Nod to JD Supra

I jd-supralove JD Supra. Its implementation, its content, its super-nice crew, Its wide-ranging contributors. And, JD Supra is the embodiment of my favorite concepts: legal and free. I have flown the flag for JD Supra in previous blog posts. Today I stumbled upon a post at TechCrunch, a highly respected general technology blog, also applauding the service. Leena Rao posted Law 2.0: JD Supra Frees Legal Content, opening JD Supra up to a whole new audience.

What do I love about JD Supra? Massive variety of legal content uploaded by firms, attorneys and others connected with the legal profession. Their own content, generated in the course of the actual practice of law and then shared to the general internet audience, no strings attached. It is a great way for practitioners to advertise their talents and for readers to access practical, legal knowledge.

Rao compares JD Supra to the paid services of WestLaw and Lexis, but I respectfully disagree with the comparison. Although the Big Two have made some strides, I find that both of these services are woefully lacking in providing a user-friendly collection of forms. JD Supra fills this gap for free! JD Supra streams on Twitter and also has a Facebook application. To say JD Supra is way ahead of Westlaw and Lexis in their particular domain is an understatement.

I will never pass up an opportunity to applaud JD Supra. Tech-savvy attorneys are already hip to its benefits. Glad to see that others in the general tech community are opening their eyes as well.

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