Blellow: More Than Just Another Name for the Color Green (Or, Show Me The Green)

Seriously now, do we need another on-line social network? Apparently we do. Frustrated with LinkedIn’s almost stationary pace? Fed up with the noise on Twitter? Try Blellow, a social network that groups similarly-situated professionals for purposes of collaboration, cross-communiction and commiseration. The idea behind the site is that users can group themselves with other users of a similar ilk and can then exchange ideas in a format similar to Twitter, secure expert information on a task, and possibly even secure work opportunities. Of course, there is the ever-present networking opportunity as well. Send messages to other Blellow group members or, like in the old tried-and-try bulletin board or listserv vein, ask questions to the general group and get tips and feedback from your peers. When you “thank” your responders, they gain value in the system. This can make them more visible to potential employers or clients, which in turn encourages members to respond to questions with rich answers. The site also offers peer document sharing, with up to 10 gb of storage space for $10 per month.

Blellow really does offer a unique combination of features and is getting closer to what I would envision to be a true, value-added professional social network. Unfortunately, a search of the site revealed only a patent lawyer and an 8 member law group. But, if you are an intrepid pioneer, perhaps you can go over and join this group and be in on the ground floor, or even form your own. Blellow is still in beta so it is expected the scope is not fully developed. With Blellow, the possibilities seem broader than Twitter and more focused and dynamic than LinkedIn.

Check out the video below for more detail and an example:

Blellow How It Works

Hat tip to Techcrunch

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