iPhone Copy & Paste? Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

As we all anxiously await (yes, I know you are too) the news tomorrow about iPhone 3.0, the leaks are starting to seep through the cracks. Kevin Purdy at Lifehacker reports that Digg founder Kevin Rose spilled some beans about …. COPY & PASTE!!!!! It’s like the Red Cross coming to rescue my battle-worn fingers beleaguered and besieged by the iPhone touchscreen keyboard!

It seems the user will be able to pinch and drag two quote icons to create copy boundaries and then be able to select from a dialog cut, copy, or paste-in the copied text. LifeHacker has a video – please hit the jump above if you are interested in viewing it.

Purdy asks how pinch-able copy and paste sounds to readers. I say IT SOUNDS LIKE CHRISTMAS IN MARCH!

[of course, you can get copy and paste, video, turn-by-turn voice directions and a host of other features in your iPhone if you were interested in jail-breaking the poor dear. Not that I would advocate illegal or illicit behavior here in the Studio. I’m just sayin’, is all.]

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