Cool Gadget Alert – Fujitsu Flepia Color e-Book Reader

There is a whole lot of pretty going on with Fujitsu’s fancy color e-Book reader, the Flepia. With an 8″ screen that displays 260,000 colors, wireless connectivity via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, a mini USB port and touch screen, the line between e-Reader and mobile computer tablet starts to blur. The unit has an on-screen keyboard and a big battery life of 40 hours continuous use. You buy the books on SD card and load them through the unit’s card reader.

The tablet comparison is not far off – the Flepia is loaded with a version of Windows called CE 5. This will enable e-mail, web-browsing and other more computer-like pursuits. Plus, you can’t deny its physical good looks.

Unfortunately, all this beauty comes as a price: just over $1,000. Plus the cost of the books. Not terribly competitive with the Kindle or the new Sony / Google pairing, which will enable free book downloads from Google’s electronic library to the Sony reader.

However, if Fujitsu can work on that price, this reader may make some heads turn, particularly those heads that are looking for gadget convergence and a few less electronic doohickies taking up valuable pocket and bag space.

[Fujitsu Flepia]

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