Google Boards the S.S. (Semantic Search) Web 3.0 – Bon Voyage!

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While Google apps like Gmail and Reader seem to get all the love and press, Google has been tweaking its search function in little ways and is testing the semantic waters with its big toe. There are two new features that the casual researcher may notice. Google searches will now yield longer “search snippet” results when more complicated queries are submitted. More importantly, Google will now offer semantically-related results for some search queries. The bottom of the page will include suggested searches that are related to your original search. When you follow the links, you may secure even further related searches at the bottom.

How will these tweaks aid you, the humble searcher? The more specific your search query, the more likely the related semantic searches will yield additional research fruit. And the more context your complex query affords, the easier it is to find results that fit your parameters.

Good for you, Google! Welcome to Web 3.0!

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