What the iPhone 3.0 Software Can Do For Your Business

The new Apple iPhone
Image by Victor Svensson via Flickr

The iPhone blog has a breakout of all of the new features in 3.0 (coming this summer to an iPhone or iPod Touch near you) that directly relate to business interests. Recent past enhancements include Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync compatibility and remote wiping and other-enterprise oriented tools.

While these prior changes favored the enterprise, new 3.0 features appear to include treats for both the business user and the enterprise. While I recommend you hit the jump for greater detail, the article lists the following: anti-phishing in Safari; more detailed call-log; capability of creating meeting invitations; encrypted profiles; more languages; better business directory access; iPhone – Mac notes sync (Windows apparently is coming); over the air profiles; support for proxy servers; certificate revocation; and, on demand access to your VPN.

Of course, Apple’s opening of the API and SDK to developers will yield more applications, both business and personal. And it will be interesting to see how developers take advantage of the new features to craft functionality across the software spectrum. Unfortunately for me, my enterprise is still not biting. But I keep hoping. And asking. Because if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

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