Xobni – It's Not Just for Beta Anymore

Microsoft Office Outlook
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Lifehacker reminded me that it was time to crow again about one of my favorite free applications, Xobni. This is a fantastic add-on for Microsoft Outlook, allowing lightening-fast search capabitilities and great analytics measuring the contents of your inbox. Xobni adds a pane to the screen, which displays all sorts of information such as graphs of frequency, response time, rank, the person’s s network, threaded email conversations, file exhanges, the ratio of emails out versus in for a given person, connections to their LinkedIn and Facebook profiles, and a link to Hoovers profiles for businesses. I have tried Xobni in both Outlook 2003 and 2007 and it works just great!

Lifehacker reports at the jump that Xobni is now out of beta and is even faster and still free. What are you waiting for? Go get this great tool and start examining your inbox with a microscope!

Fun fact: Xobni is backwards for Inbox. I would argue that it is backwards, forwards, sideways and diagonal for it.

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