The Brain and Computer Decide To Make Up and Play Nice

I am always amazed at the interconnectedness of matters. Hot on the heels of my blog post about brains versus computers and why their fundamental differences will keep them apart, I see somewhere that people with particularly large brains have figured out a way to incorporate the two in harmonious partnership. Tracy McGaugh at the Millennial Law Prof writes about recent research on a new retinal chip technology that will allow an “eye’s up” display of information sent from a remote device. While this tech is not new, the fresh angle is the chip will be able to link to the internet and respond with  targeted information based on requests generated by the user’s brain.

How can this be? Well, the chip reads the brain’s electrical impulses and must be trained in a manner similar to voice recognition software. And, over time, the responses become more and more, well, responsive.

I was unable to secure the Journal of the American Medical Association article as I do not have a subscription. So I can’t really speak to the deep tech on this one.

But I can say that if computers can’t beat brains, they might as well join them. McGaugh envisions the super-lawyer who can call upon cases and statutes right before their eyes on the fly. My suggestion? The counselor wearing these chips better have awfully strong discipline and mental focus or they might find themselves watching YouTube in the court room.

Oh, and the best part? Right now, it only works for … wait for it …. Wikipedia.


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