Blackberry App World – As Only Gizmodo Can Do It

Not to be out down in this new mobile market craving instant customization, Blackberry, the bastion of business-on-the-run has trotted out its own app store to quiet the rumblings of die-hard fans peeking over at the iPhone’s pretty toys.

And there is no site like Gizmodo to review it.

I have been over to Blackberry App World to poke around, but I must admit that I have not actually downloaded anything yet. Since I cannot give the proper breadth and depth to a review, I will simply point you to Matt Buchanan’s comprehensive review.

If you need a quick down and dirty, you have to love Matt’s analogy: iPhone is to Whole Foods as Blackberry is to Target’s grocery section:

it [App World] does some of the things the App Store does decently enough, but it doesn’t match the breadth and depth or the polish that makes you feel good about having spent $8 on a bag of local handmade sustainably farmed artisan organic granola.

App World houses several hundred apps at inception. It’s interface is not as simple as the iPhone App Store, and requires text lists and frequent trips to the Menu button. I also am not crazy about having to use Paypal (and negotiate a couple of screens) everytime I want to purchase something. There are many expensive apps on there as well, and I am very much a sucker for free.

Still, it’s a start. A centralized location for app purchasing and customization is not a bad thing and, like the App Store, it is certain to evolve and improve as more apps and easier interface is introduced.

Maybe I will slick up my secondary Curve phone with some low profile tires and spinning “RIMs”.

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