Searching Up In The Wild Blue Yonder

Image by ekkun via Flickr

Everything else seems to be heading for the clouds, so why not your search? Meet Search Cloud – a marriage between Google, Yahoo and Twitter search and a tag cloud. Clouds are a quick, visually-oriented way to hone in on the best selections from your search results.

Search Cloud creates tag-clouds, server-clouds, author-clouds, recipient-clouds and offers other navigation tools integrated into your Google, Yahoo and Twitter search.

How does it work? Enter a search term. The cloudlet creates a list of tags that are related to the original term. Clicking  on a tag refines the search by adding that term to the search. It offers a faster access to what are essentially the advanced search options.

I have downloaded it and tried it out and I love how it helps me focus my search results. Yet another cool extension for lucky Firefox users who want to increase their search efficiency and decrease their research time.

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