Free Animated Videos to Market Your Services? Where Is My Popcorn?

Image via CrunchBase

I was tipped this morning by defamation attorney Adrianos Facchetti about a video he put on his blog,the California Defamation Law Blog using a free service called Xtranormal – text to movies. His post, Dealing With Negative Customer Reviews, is a great twist on video information transfer! I was treated to slick animated short video showing little 3D Lego-like characters in a conversation about the perils of negative customer reviews on the internet and what can be done about it. The lawyer character dispensed his advice to the potential client character in a fluid, animated conversation. The whole production definitely caught my eye and held my attention.

What is the best part? Why, it’s FREE of course. Xtranormal won a DEMOgod award at DEMO 08 due to its innovative web platform offering results through its text-to-movie interface. The vids are compatible with email and online social networking platforms such as YouTube, MySpace and Facebook. You can “animate” your figures simply by dragging and dropping icons into the written script. Premium features are coming soon and will include more movie-making worlds, longer script lengths, priority rendering and high quality downloads, starting at $4.95 / month.

What a great, eye-catching and inexpensive way to market your services and distinguish yourself on your blog or website! Thanks Adrianos for the tip!

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