Lucky 10,000th Viewer

lotteryWhoever you are, you tipped this blog’s viewership into the five digit realm. Hard to believe that I started blogging a year ago. I started tracking blog traffic in September, so it has been less than 8 months of viewing data.

There are potentially 10,000 people who read something on this site. There are potentially 10,000 people who might have learned something new or taken something of value with them. Or not. But I am hopeful that I have made a few people’s lives a bit easier or made someone take a moment to think about the law, research, writing or technology from a slightly different angle.

It has been lots of fun and I am looking forward to the coming year and the changes, challenges and rewards it will undoubtedly bring. I hope you come back. Maybe I will award the lucky 20,000 reader something extra special. One never knows in the Studio. Thanks to anyone who stops by for making the effort (and the fun) worthwhile!

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