The LexisNexis Magical Mystery Tour

magic-bus1Here is an unusual marketing tactic from an online legal publisher: bringing your technology agenda to the masses via a 39′ long, “arrest me” red RV. Dubbed the “Traveling Lexpo” by its charioteers, the rolling ad covered an estimated 15,000 to 20,000 miles as it toured nine states across the southwest, stopping at law schools, firms, courthouses and sporting events (????) along the route.
The Traveling Lexpo’s purpose is to “cut through the marketing clutter” and bring LN’s legal technology message to the masses. It is staffed by two driver / team members and the local team of LN reps. It is equipped with workstations and Internet access to offer mobile demos of more than 20 law-related apps. You can even follow the adventure blog here.
The first leg of the tour completed at the end of March. Maybe it will hit your hometown soon.
If I hadn’t seen the February date of the press release with my own eyes, I would have sworn that this news story broke on April 1st. Why can’t I get images from the movie Stripes out of my head?