Using Your Writing Talent To Improve Your SEO

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Pandia Search Engine News has an interesting article by guest writer Brandon Leibowitz about writing and submitting articles to promote yourself and your business. If you are interested in such newfangled concepts as “personal branding”, this is a no-brainer. Publishing is one of the best tools for enhancing your credibility in a particular subject or field. You can expose your identity and your product to a broader audience by placing articles other venues and websites, increasing traffic to your law firm site.
Lawyers have long understood the value of writing and publishing articles to law reviews and journals. But the traditional publishing process can be somewhat time-consuming and certainly spaced-constrained by the inherent limitations of print publications.
The Web offers a far greater range of publishing options for lawyers considering employing their writing talent to directly build their rep. Sites that come immediately to my mind are JD Supra (legally targetted), DocStoc (general subject matter), and Digg. Publishing articles on these sites and linking them back to your own web site or your various social media profiles can increase your visibility to search engines and improve the chances that someone will notice your name and your product. With Digg in particular, there is a forum for voting up the value of an article and for discussing it with other Digg users, giving the author yet another opportunity to interact with potenial clients or referral sources.
Let’s face it: lawyers are busy people. Many have the skill but lack the time to devote to polishing their professional profile with extra-curricular writing tasks. Busy lawyers interested in reaping the benefits of on-line publishing can turn to professional writers and editors to lighten the work load. Advantage Advocates is a resource available to lawyers – services include topic development, subject matter research, content creation and editing and proofing. Lawyers can turn to such services to build their writing subjects or polish their final written product, depending on the degree of assistance required.
Article drafting is a simple, low-cost, and effective way to drive traffic, increase exposure and build brand. The Web has made it easier than ever to create and distribute product, from concept through publication. Why not consider leveraging these resources to raise awareness and direct attention to yourself and your firm?

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8 comments on “Using Your Writing Talent To Improve Your SEO

  1. Nice piece and points.

    I always find it challenging to manage the balance between blogging and other social media, and “doing real work”.

    On one hand, a highly trafficked and linked to blog post could do wonders for SEO and visibility. On the other, it’s pretty easy to spend all day on blogs, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

    Only so many hours in the day! But think a little effort here could bring great returns, and you hit the nail on the head – it’s simple, low-cost, effective, and if you can manage the time input, it’s probably worth it.

  2. Most definitely! If done right, any effort you can expend towards marketing, be it on-line or off-line, can only help you and your business. Of course, if you are too busy to put that effort in, then you are probably already doing something right!

    It helps me to allot a certain amount of time for those efforts on a weekly basis – right in the schedule. If I cannot put that full amount in on a given day or week, then so be it. I will get the time in on the next scheduled allotment.

    And writing to this end, as well as connecting on-line, can be rewarding in other ways too. It helps to connect you to others in the profession, which is particularly useful if you are solo or a small firm, and offers an opportunity to stretch writing chops to a different end.

    It’s all good!

  3. Great points. I am just catching up after a week away, but agree whole heartedly. I personally picture a web with my blog at the center feeding info to the other areas. I thought that a blog would be the real time drain, but it has made the social marketing efforts easier rather than harder.

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