The World’s Largest Semantic Map

Cognition, one of the semantic search engines I mentioned in an earlier post collecting the five top contenders in this category, has announced it’s position as “The World’s Largest Semantic Map” (of the commercially available variety anyway).

The Meta Internet Blog reports as well that Cognition is working to build a general consumer search engine to compete with Google, Yahoo and company.

Semantic mapping allows higher-powered, more relevant searching by overlaying rules and relationships between words and concepts over the data to be searched. Cognition claims that its particular English language map is more than double the size of any other such map.
As you may recall from my earlier post, Cognition has been at this game as long, if not longer, than anyone else, with more than twenty-four years of development. To date, the primary beneficiaries have included the medical industry (MEDLINE), legal profession (LexisNexis Concordance) and Wikipedia. It will take a great deal more time and resources to index the entire Web for general consumer use, but Cognition assures that they’re on it.


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