Update On The Law Firm with the Wild Office Parties

Since I blogged about this way back when it first broke in Boston and then spread like wildfire nationwide, I thought I might post an update. The ABA Journal is reporting that attorney Michelle Moor’s state administrative charge against former employer Bingham McCutcheon has been dismissed by the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination. The substance was Moor’s allegation that BM failed to fully respond to her assertion that she had been drugged at a law firm holiday party.
The Commision did not accept Moor’s claim that her resignation was forced by working conditions or adverse employment action. The gist of her claim was that BM failed to properly insulate her from and take swift action against a co-employee who had bragged that he approved of giving date-rape drugs to women.
Moor’s counsel advises that they will now pursue a civil suit against BM.
I guess that is definitely a plus to being out of the big firm environment – no more wild and crazy office parties that may be hazardous to your health. Stay tuned for the next chapter where we will learn what the courts have to say about the damsel versus the party animals.


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