What Should I Share On-Line?


I have raved on prior occasions about JD Supra and what a great concept it is for on-line document sharing and marketing. But when I was first introduced to it, I was unsure of what and how to post to the service.

Adrian Lurssen has a great post on the blog about what to share and how to share it here. The short answer, according to Lurssen, is whatever showcases your expertise. The long answer is nicely set out in numbered paragraphs with examples. These include court filings, legal analysis, legal forms, legal documents of interest, repurposed blog posts and subject-specific PDF e-books, press mentions, law school papers, print publications, articles and other documents.

If you are contemplating broadening your sphere of influence on the internet, check out the post and check out the service. It is a win-win for practitioners looking for knowledge and looking to trumpet their knowledge.

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