Real Financial News, Real Fast

These days on the Web, if it’s not semantic, it’s deep and if it’s not deep it’s real. The true genius of services like Twitter is in the real-time search aspect – if you want to know what people are saying right now about Steven Hawking or Susan Boyle, check out the Twitter stream, search bar or trending topics links.

Now you can get real-time financial news, also for that ever-attractive price, free, at SkyGrid SkyGrid collects news stories on publicly-traded companies as they break, real-time, with visual cues as to the weight of the story and author’s bent, red for negative and green for positive. SkyGrid has been transitioning to a free service and is right now in private beta. Related news stories are clustered and users can create their own pages for particular stocks or sectors.

Skygrid does a great job of giving you the real-time news and trending at a glance. Now if they could only expand the great interface into other news arenas.

Hat tip to TechCrunch