Law Journals Find There Is Strength In Numbers

From a Business Wire Press Release, several top law reviews have joined together to create The Legal Workshop – a free, on-line publication collecting articles on legal scholarship originally published in their print editions. The Workshop’s offerings are condensed versions of the original full-length works appearing in the books. They are not abstracts, but rather “tight and light” showcases of the authors’ opinions and findings. The Workshop is hoping that, by making the material easier to digest, the authors and their ideas will find a wider audience. And readers can rest assured that they are viewing serious scholarship by serious legal writers.

The Workshop is the product of and is run by current and former student editors of the law reviews, including Stanford Law Review, New York University Law Review, Cornell Law Review, Duke Law Journal, Georgetown Law Journal, Northwestern Law Review and the University of Chicago Law Review.

Its premise is to reach beyond legal experts and practitioners and awaken the general ‘Net readership to the wonder of Law Reviews and Journals. Too early to tell whether the Workshop will achieve this goal. No matter the outcome, however – I applaud the effort by the students to make legal scholarship accessible to the masses – the very essence of information transfer in today’s plugged-in community!


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