The iPhone: Black’s (and White) and Read All Over

iphone-black2Hat tip to Robert Ambrogi’s LawSites, there’s a new legal app in town for the iPhone. Black’s Law Dictionary, that venerable tome that decorates many a new associate’s desk, is now available in portable format on the iPhone. The 8th Edition of the Dictionary, edited by famed legal grammarian Bryan A. Garner, is the version featured on the app. Garner himself is quite taken with the concept:

The idea that you can have a very full, elaborate, complex and richly textured book like Black’s available at your fingertips is fantastic…. I myself am stubbornly in favor of print sources, but I like to watch my daughters use their iPhones. And I know that there’s another generation of people who really prefer the electronic medium at their fingertips.

What is the plus feature of the iPhone version. Well besides the more than 43,000 definitions from all walks of jurisprudence, the definitions include hyperlinks to related references and even an audio track to assist in the pronunciation of difficult terms. Wonder how that voice sounds?

The app is not exactly cheap at $49.99, but it is more than functional and could prove quite helpful on the fly. Better than carrying the big black book around. Hit the jump to LawSites for a video featuring the app’s developers, if you are interested in more information. Or check out the news release on West’s own blog here.

Hooray for more legal information and law-related apps for my favorite smartphone!

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