FeedDemon & Google Reader – Together At Last!

Newsgator Feeddemon
Image by labnol via Flickr

It truly is a happy day for me when my two RSS readers decide to join forces and play nice. My first love, Newsgator’s FeedDemon, is a fabulous application, with desktop, online and mobile access, synched across platforms. Everything about FD is easy as Pi.

More recently, I joined the masses and started using Google Reader as well to keep track of a different set of feeds. There is much to love about this reader of mass appeal, including sharing stories and Greasemonkey scripts via Firefox that let me send stories straight to Twitter.

On Wednesday, FD announced that it now supports synching with G Reader and G Reader Shared Items!

The newest beta version of FD offers the synch option within the tools menu or when downloading fresh. If you want the G Reader synch, simply select that option, enter your credentials and decide whether you want to delete existing subscriptions in G Reader. When all is said and done, you will see a new folder for G Reader shared items in FD and all your FD subscriptions when you open G Reader!

Hat tip to Shooting At Bubbles. Check out the screenshots here

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