Proud Owner of First And Second Place

Interesting results in the smartphone sales arena for first quarter 2009: the Blackberry Curve 8300 series holds the top spot, ousting prior champ iPhone 3G. Two other BB models, the Storm and Pearl, were third and fourth place, respectively, while the G1 took fifth. Engadget reports on the stats here.

I am the proud owner of two of the championship model (one for corporate, one for biz) and one of the runner-up (everything else). I have given my thoughts on both of these phones in prior entries. There is no denying that the BB Curve is a workhorse of a phone. It rarely hiccups and handles my e-mail with aplomb, if not panache. But, when I reach for a phone, I instinctively pick up the iPhone, even with its keyboard flaws. The “face to face” or “finger to screen” experience is just that much more enjoyable and the ease of use is hard to beat. I still get stuck on some of the functions and menus on my BB.

I see the two phones as appealing to different market spheres. There is no denying that the enterprise loves the BB best. The fact that the Curve is available on so many different carriers may have affected this result as well.

Nice, though, to know that I am in good company in the top two!

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