Cheers To the Boston College Law Library …

High Five!
Image by Joachim S. Müller via Flickr

… for the kind mention of Advocate’s Studio in their Spring, 2009 newsletter! The newsletter contains an article about blawgs and legal bloggers, offering an overview of the subject matter of blogging, where to find blogs, what are the ethical issues and lots of other tidbits of good information. I feel particularly honored to have the Studio mentioned along with some most excellent examples of legal blogging, including Kevin O’Keefe’s Real Lawyers Have Blogs, Wayne Schiess’ Blog.LegalWriting.Net and Michelle Lore’s Minnesota Lawyer blog.

Blogging is becoming a primary means of communication across the strata of our profession. Students, attorneys, professionals, clients, academics and other “interested parties” are on even footing in the blawgosphere. Blogging and related social outposts in the Web 2.0 world remove artificial barriers separating levels of experience and position. Opening lines of communication through blogging holds the promise of harmonizing and democratizing our profession and assisting in bringing the practice into the twenty-first century. Much of this promise lies with law students – the true future of legal practice. Here’s hoping that these students embrace the new technologies, expand and improve the medium and assist us “older” folk in learning some new tricks in the process.

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