Twitter Rated More Important Than LinkedIn By Business People (i.e. Your Potential Clients)

twitterReadWriteWeb reports on the results of an interesting poll conducted over the last month ON LinkedIn regarding the most important social sites for establishing brand presence. More than 3,600 repondents selected between Twitter, Facebook, the iPhone (via applications), Digg and LinkedIn. Twitter commanded the majority of yes votes, with a 30% share of respondents, followed by Facebook’s 26% and LinkedIn’s 22%. While this is far from a landslide majority, the results definitely suggest a trend, as do the charts RWW provides in its posts. Most of the respondents were small businesses, with the vast majority comprising non-managers and managers (rather than owners). The largest job category represented was marketing. Respondents were mostly men and mostly between the ages of 25 and 54. RWW culls out the following overall points from the data:

Most appreciative of Twitter: Business owners,
C-Level or VPs. People at large- or medium-sized companies. People
doing business development, marketing or creative work.

Least appreciative of Twitter: Non-managers. People at very large or small businesses. Consultants, Salespeople and Engineers.

Most appreciative of LinkedIn: C-level and non-managers. At small- or medium-sized businesses. Doing consulting or sales.

Least appreciative of LinkedIn: Owners and managers. At large or enterprise companies. In creative or marketing departments.

There are more trends and conclusions noted in the RWW article and they are worth a read. Does this settle the ongoing debate regarding Twitter’s effectiveness as a business tool? Probably not, but the survey certainly puts a few warheads in the Twitter camp’s armory.

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2 comments on “Twitter Rated More Important Than LinkedIn By Business People (i.e. Your Potential Clients)

  1. A bit surprised that salespersons were “Least appreciative of Twitter” I would venture to guess they have not been convinced it is a great marketing and networking tool. You would think as salespersons they would realize they need to go where their potential prospects may be hanging out.

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