Advocate's Studio: Traveling Under Your Radar!

I cannot express how pleased I was to discover yesterday that one of my absolute favorite blogs included the Studio on a list of Five Blogs Under The Radar: May  2009 Edition. Louis Gray is a tech blogger at his site where, since 2006, he has “express[ed his] personal observations on the world of technology, the Web, and innovation.” Check out his About page for the “why” of my deep appreciation for his content as well as my feeling of great honor at being included.

My impression of Mr. Gray’s blogging agenda is one of intelligence, integrity and impartiality.  He understands what his readers are looking for and why it is necessary to secure their respect. In kind, his readers do respect him and his points of view. I have cited to Mr. Gray before on the Studio and I regularly read his posts – not just to secure content leads but, more importantly, to actually learn something new and satisfy my curious nature!

Thank you, Louis, for the mention and I hope to continue providing content in the Studio that meets your high standards! And for Studio readers looking for intelligent, in-depth evaluation and analysis of tech-related subject matter — run, don’t walk, to

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