More "Twitter" for Business: Obayoo

Another entrant in the professional micro-blogging field is offering its service for free: Obayoo is free over SaaS and available through the company e-mail address.

Twitter, in theory, sounds great for professional application but in practice generates too much noise to be an effective internal communications tool.  Tools like Obayoo limit the traffic and, accordingly, the noise, while still affording users the ability to provide real-time updates and engage in quick and timely comunication in micro-blog format. Obayoo also offers security that Twitter cannot ensure. Nonetheless, like Yammer, one of Obayoo’s competitors, contractors and clients can be invited into the mix and “share” what is happening at any given moment, so the system is not completely “closed.”

Obayoo provides some additional goods, such as user profiles and organization charts,file and media sharing and metrics. At its price-point (free), Obayoo offers excellent ease and added features, making it well worth the try in your firm or organization.

Hat tip to Read Write Web.

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