Keeping Tabs on the C-Suite, Twitter-Style

Here is an innovative real-time information filter for business-oriented Twitter-holics: ExecTweets. ExecTweets is a beta site offering the tweets of the movers and shakers, the captains of industry and the power play-makers across sectors. Backed by Microsoft (who else?), the site has this to say about itself:

ExecTweets is a resource to help you find and follow the top business executives on Twitter. Created by Federated Media, in partnership with Microsoft, ExecTweets is a platform that aggregates the tweets of top business execs and empowers the community to surface the most insightful, business-related tweets.

ExecTweets is also available as a  free iPhone application, offering organization by topic, popularity and industry. I was going to copy the list of participating executives, but the list truly is too long! Hit the jump to their site above to see the “wealth” of information. Instead, check out this list of hot topics on ExecTweets as of the time of publishing this post:

I notice a glaring absence of posts on MJ. How refreshing!
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