Fireworks #1
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Now is the time to go get your popcorn, a drink, a trip to the loo, maybe even a cigarette if you are doing the 1950’s thing.  Intermission time!

The Advocate is quitting the Studio for a few days and heading to Connecticut to a friend’s lake house. At said lake house, said “friend” (and I do mean the quotes in the context of this sentence) is vowing to get the Advocate up on water skis. It is a feat that has been attempted unsuccessfully many times before. Some attempts even caused great pain. Nonetheless, in the spirit of our Nation’s birth holiday and my “never-say-die” (gulp) attitude, the Advocate is game for another try.

Needless to say, the Advocate will not be writing about law and technology over the upcoming Fourth of July Holiday, anticipating that her fingers are to become quite sore over the next 24 – 48 hours. But I promise you, the Advocate will be thinking, and thinking hard, about law and technology, particularly as she attempts to get vertical while being pulled at scary speeds behind a motor boat. Wishing, in fact, that she was still in front of her cozy laptop seated on her comfy stool.

In all earnestness, however, I do wish everyone a very happy and safe and sunny Fourth of July. Remember why we are all doing this – we have a nation to honor! See you on the flip side, and hopefully I will not be in traction!

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