Evernote Won, But Not By Much

Following up on my earlier post about Lifehacker’s earlier post surveying readers regarding their preference in note-taking applications, I present here Lifehacker’s results. The ratio held true through the end of voting: the free Evernote bested the more expensive OneNote, but only by a slim margin. Check it here and check out both of these able applications – they really make organization a snap!
One Note Evernote

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Corporate Legal All In One Virtual Filing Cabinet

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Image by felipe_gabaldon via Flickr

Here is another winner from Robert Ambrogi, reported at his LawSites blog: myCorporateResource.com. The site collects the client alerts created by law firms for their corporate clients on various corporate law-related issue. Taken from the site:

myCorporateResource.com is designed to empower corporate professionals with the latest in legal and commercial information from the world’s top law firms and industry insiders. Every year the top 100 American law firms produce more than 10,000 Client Alerts addressing the key commercial and legal issues faced by their clients. We aggregate, review, sort and summarize this content –for free– to give you a really useful corporate resource.

Releases and alerts are broken down by interested member of the corporate team (board, c-suite, legal team, finance team, co-sec team, accounting team, HR team, compliance team) by industry, corporate role, geography, area of law, hot topics, recent releases, matters of particular interest to colleagues, and SEC materials. The site also highlights particularly well-written material and “Memos of the Week” for each of the corporate team portal links and one for the entire site. The site provides more than 70 RSS feeds, also broken down by industry, geography, area of law and professional role. I just subscribed to the Insurance / Reinsurance feed and immediately received a wealth of insurance-related memos prepared by counsel across the country. And, of course, there is a site search box.

This type of aggregation is what knowledge management should be all about! Thanks for the tip Bob, and I hope Studio readers find this site as useful as I do.

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