Evernote Won, But Not By Much

Following up on my earlier post about Lifehacker’s earlier post surveying readers regarding their preference in note-taking applications, I present here Lifehacker’s results. The ratio held true through the end of voting: the free Evernote bested the more expensive OneNote, but only by a slim margin. Check it here and check out both of these able applications – they really make organization a snap!
One Note Evernote

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2 comments on “Evernote Won, But Not By Much

  1. You regard twelve percent as a slim margin? In a Presidential Election, that would be a landslide.

  2. I guess I did, mostly because I thought that Evernote would “landslide” OneNote on the price point alone. So, my adjective reflects my surprise. Glad I wasn’t calling the presidential election here – I leave that to infinitely-more-qualified media networks. 😉



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