What Did She Say? Translation Services To Help Tame The Global Game

English is a fairly ubiquitous language across business sectors and throughout the Web. However, if you are like me, you occasionally stumble onto information or received communication that is written in a language you don’t read or speak. How do you cope?

ReadWriteWeb offers  five translation tools to shine a light on your linguistic darkness. The include the crowdsourced Forvo with audio clips; Babel Fish, capable of translating large chunks of text as well as URLs; my personal go-to Google Translate, which also works in Gmail; the useful TweetTranslate, which integrates into your profile and works on Twitter updates; and, BabelWith.Me, a chat translator.

Don’t let a little bump like language difference prevent you from fully exploring the Web and connecting with others – the World is shrinking and these translation tools can help speed the process!

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Behind The Silence: Portal To Iranian Law

This, to me, is a truly interesting and timely resource – a portal to Iranian information, including laws, Constitutions, government structure, legal guides, regulations, treaties, trade sanctions, tribunals, codes, related news stories, and lots of other material. The site is called Pars Times and the law link is here. While one has to maintain some level of guarded reservation regarding the scope of the information available to outsiders, I was fascinated by the differences in perspective and the liberal mix of religion and political structure in the legal links and read the Constitution closely.

Even if you have no specific need to research Iranian law, consider time spent on this website to be well-spent – an opportunity to gain insight on a culture at the heart of human rights issues right now. And, on the subject of human rights, the site does include human rights links and a list of activists. Interestingly, the site’s author does not reveal his identity, but advises the following:

This is a non-profit, non-partisan and totally independent website. It’s mainly targeted for researches, [sic]  scholars and investors.

The site aims at providing comprehensive information pertaining to Iran and the Middle East.

The goal of the general webguide is to give the public easy access to the best sites on the web. It is a gateway to a variety of free resources available on the internet.

I have a MBA degree in finance and have worked as a financial analyst and real estate & stock broker. There is heavy emphasis on business and personal finance topics.

I have tried to index the sites which posses content of interest to readers of different backgrounds.

You will not find blind links and annoying pop-up windows on this site. You can browse this website without registration and disclosing any personal information.

Your feedback is important to us. We greatly appreciate your interest in improving the site.

I read and take note of every email that I receive. However, I cannot reply to every email individually due to the large volume of mail received. But I appreciate your interest and support of Pars Times.

The site is dedicated to the author’s teachers.

Hat tip to Legal Research Plus.

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