What Did She Say? Translation Services To Help Tame The Global Game

English is a fairly ubiquitous language across business sectors and throughout the Web. However, if you are like me, you occasionally stumble onto information or received communication that is written in a language you don’t read or speak. How do you cope?

ReadWriteWeb offers  five translation tools to shine a light on your linguistic darkness. The include the crowdsourced Forvo with audio clips; Babel Fish, capable of translating large chunks of text as well as URLs; my personal go-to Google Translate, which also works in Gmail; the useful TweetTranslate, which integrates into your profile and works on Twitter updates; and, BabelWith.Me, a chat translator.

Don’t let a little bump like language difference prevent you from fully exploring the Web and connecting with others – the World is shrinking and these translation tools can help speed the process!

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