Getting A Charge Out Of Your iPhone By Putting A Charge Into It

Love that iPhone, but hate how it eats through power? Art of the iPhone lists several charging options for restoring the phone’s life. Each of the options have their benefits and a combination of several should suit for all possible red zone scenarios. The list includes: the standard dock-to-USB cable that comes with the phone; the small adapter-sized wall charger into which the USB cable can be inserted; various dock options; the handy car-charger; iPhone cases with built in batteries (check out the ever-so-cool Mophie Juice Pack Air); portable USB battery; and, a nifty wireless pad and case combo that permits charging by simply placing the phone on the pad, by WildCharge.

How do you make the most of the charge you have? has twelve suggestions for extending the iPhone’s ever-so-short battery life. These include: enabling the ambient light sensor in the phone to permit automatic brightness adjustment; reduce the default screen brightness setting; turn off bluetooth; turn off 3G; turn off Wi-Fi; turn of the GPS location service; turn off the data push; extend the length of time between server requests for e-mail; shorten the time to trigger auto-lock / sleep; avoid games and video when battery life is at a premium; reduce sleep/wake cycles; and, well, use the charging options noted above more frequently, of course!

What do I do? I tend not to employ as many of the charge-saving options noted above, and find I can eek out about a day of average use, including internet and email and about a half-hour to an hour of calls. I make sure I have a charging option at all of my regular stops, including home, office and car. I use the USB cable and wall charger for trips, a Kensington car charger / mount in my car and a basic cable car charger in other cars.

I think that I have killed the battery dead only once. Not bad for seven months of fairly heavy use!

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