Friday Fun: Top 25 Legal TV Shows of All Time

The ABA is at it again, with picks for the top twenty-five legal television shows of all time. Like with the movies, I am mostly in agreement, with a few exceptions that are pretty far down the list and made me scratch my head. I also couldn’t believe that there had been that many legal shows and how many of these shows I have never heard of! Let’s see if you can guess which one is which from their image, placed in order of rank on the list:

LA LawPerry MasonThe DefendersLaw & OrderThe PracticeAlly McBealRumpole of the BaileyBoston LegalDamagesNight CourtJudging AmyOwen Marshall Counselor at LawJAGSharkCivil WarsHarvey Birdman Attorney at LawLaw & Order Criminal IntentMurder OneMatlockReasonable DoubtsLaw & Order Special Victims UnitJudd for the DefensePaper ChasePetrocelliEli Stone


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