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Bureau of Labor Statistics
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Now this is really fascinating, particularly if you drill down into the various categories across different groups. The New York Times published this interactive graph on July 31, 2009 which shows how people over the age of 15 spend their day. The graph is compiled with information culled in 2008 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and purports to show results for “thousands” of people. The chart morphs when you select a group: everyone; men; women; employed; unemployed; not in the labor force; white; black; hispanic; age group; educational level; and number of children. When you scroll over the results, greater detail on the particular band pops up, changing as you move through the day.

I find interesting the breakdown on the chart between “work”, “household activities” and “family care.” Seems there might be some overlap there. There are also categories for: eating and drinking; assorted services; shopping; education; job search; nonfamily care; traveling; phone calls; volunteering; religious activities; sports; computer use; tv and movies (a shocking chunk); relaxing and thinking; socializing; other leisure; personal care; and sleeping. Oh, and my personal favorite “I can’t remember.”

Very interesting breakdown, indeed.

Hat tip to Feminist Law Professors.

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