Et Cetera

First a word from our sponsor. Well, I guess that’s me. I have been quite busy over the last week on matters other than writing for the Studio. I wrote some guest blog posts that were published on other sites. I had much money-making work to do. And I have been trying to tweak and tighten my information gathering, organizing and sharing system to an even greater degree than it already was wrapped and wound. More on this latter effort in future posts – I want to get as much information as possible on these new systems before passing the information on to you.

I am expecting a call this week from the fine people at SkyGrid. They identified me as a feedback-oriented user and have asked for a little bit more of my time to pick my brain further on what I like and what I don’t like about the service.  Once again, I find myself impressed with SkyGrid – they are clearly more than casually interested in what their users think, to the point that they actively solicit feedback above and beyond the normal “suggestion box” black hole that you find in most venues.

Finally, a cool iPhone app alert: Good Reader is a PDF storage and viewing application for the iPhone. While large PDFs are its specialty, it also can hold and show MS Office, text, audio and video files. The app allows you to search and scan the documents for information. iPhone Alley reviews the application favorably here. There are some limitations, as would be expected in a .99 cent application, but for storing, viewing and searching on your phone, the price is well worth it.


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