Thinking About Law School? Check Out These Blogs!

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A good lawyer understands the importance and value of due diligence. OnLine Courses has compiled a list of 100 blog posts they believe you should read before going to law school. Topics include: getting in; getting started; paying for school; getting a job; getting through law school; making the most of the education offered; getting the skinny from those who have gone before; test taking; and lawyers, the law, career paths and opportunities.

I guess calling this list cursory would be an understatement and calling it comprehensive would be overstating the obvious!

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5 comments on “Thinking About Law School? Check Out These Blogs!

  1. I don’t need any of those blogs! I’ve already selected my law school: Twitter University Law School. It has a revolutionary curriculum: all the classes are in correspondence lessons of 140 characters or less. Here is my acceptance letter:

    Dear Eric: Welcome to Twitter University Law School. Our revolutionary program will help you become a successful attorney without the need f

    due diligence indeed! 😉

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