I’ll Have A Quarter Pounder, Large Fry and A Copy of Prosser on Torts, Please?

I just love innovative ways to stay relevant in the digital age! The Houston Public Library is implementing a new program called “HPL to Go” – a service which will allow library patrons of particularly traffic-burdened branches to receive their book order delivered right to their car! In conjunction with Info Quest and Info 24/7 (services permitting text queries and internet queries to reference librarians, respectively), the Library is seeking “ways to remain relevant in the iPhone era.”

To receive your order, simply reserve the books or other material via internet. Once notified that the materials are ready, you can then head to the library, call the librarian, offer the pertinent information including a description of your car and await your materials. While the HPL to Go program is tied to the HPL library system, Info Quest is a national resource offering the expertise of reference librarians across the country to answer questions around the clock.

Check out the HPL’s update on the Bookmobile: HPL Mobile Express is a van loaded with computers that visits under-served neighborhoods  offering computer classes and resume writing instruction.

Hooray for innovation in information resources!

Hat Tip to Resource Shelf


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