Pipeline to Ivy League Scholarship

Harvard University has launched an open access repository for the work of its faculty and research community at Digital Access to Scholarship (“DASH”) The site is brand new and Harvard is eager for your comments and feedback. There are two categories up: Faculty of Arts and Sciences, with 1,478 entries; and, Harvard Law School, with 64 entries. DASH also links to other Harvard sources, including:

  • HMScholar – Countway Library’s repository for Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Dental Medicine, and Harvard School of Public Health
  • Open Collections Program – Harvard University Library’s open window into a selection of its unique digital collections
  • HKS Research Report Online – Faculty publication citations and select full-text from the Harvard Kennedy School of Goverment
  • Journal of Legal Analysis – The Journal of Legal Analysis aspires to publish the best legal scholarship from all disciplinary perspectives and in all styles, whether verbal, formal, or empirical.
  • Catalyst Profiles – Profiles is the social networking website of Harvard Catalyst. It lists publications for Harvard faculty members and illustrates how each person is connected to others in the broader research community.
  • Hat Tip to ResearchBuzz


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