Caution: iPhone at Work

iPhone Apps Screen

Screen Shot of One of my Productivity Pages

Now that I have one of them fancy schmancy 3GS phones with a veritable McMansion’s worth of space, I have been browsing, loading and testing lots of new applications. I am not going to provide a review yet, because I am still “experiencing” them all. Instead, I will point you to a slick site called Best iPhone Apps. It doesn’t have hundreds of offerings, but it pares down the throng to some of the best in category.

Hit this link to see their recommendations for best applications for taking your work on the go. One of their choices, is intriguing: Jaadu VNC, which recreates your desktop and offers remote access to it. VERY cool, indeed.

With so many choices, it is good to be able to rely on sites that cut those down and offer reviews. Or, if you want the choices to come to you, there is an app for that too – Macworld recently released an app called App Gems, which offers a daily featured app, access to Macworld’s Essentials collection, and Top Rated by category.

With all the resources out there, it shouldn’t be difficult to find the stars in the more than 75,000 choices!