More Tools & Apps

You can never have enough of them. Particularly if they will help you run your business, solve your problems and make your job easier.

The ABA Journal has compiled a list of “70 Sizzling Apps” – lawyer-friendly helpers that run the gamut from word-smithing to productivity to accessibility to task management to fun and games (lawyers need a break too!).  Some apps, particularly in the latter category, do not really exhibit a clear connection to the practice of law, but they are all interesting and worthwhile to some degree.

Here is a sample of apps listed by the ABA article:

WaffleTurtle offers searchable iPhone apps of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure ($2.99); Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure ($2.99); Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act ($4.99); Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure ($2.99); Federal Rules of Criminal Proce­dure ($2.99); Federal Rules of Evidence ($2.99); Lanham Act ($2.99); local patent rules from seven federal district courts whose dockets attract great numbers of intellectual property cases ($2.99); Sarbanes-Oxley Act ($1.99); securities laws including the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the Securities Act of 1933, the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, the Invest­ment Company Act of 1940 and the Invest­ment Advis­ers Act of 1940 ($4.99); federal copyright code ($1.99); and federal patent laws ($2.99).

I was suprised to see that a few of my favorites didn’t make the list. One of these is reQall, a free iPhone app and companion web service  that beg for a $24 per year Pro subscription to keep track of your to do list. It’s quite ingenious: it takes emails or voice recordings of to-do list items, transcribes to text, organizes tasks by location or keywords, offers shared reminders with co-workers, friends or family, includes memory jogging functions, syncs with Google calendar and Outlook, and now sports a related items link that will sync reQall with Evernote and group items accordingly.

Whatever your preference in apps, there is no shortage to choose from, as the ABA so aptly points out!


Know Your Rights – Wherever You Are

Wests U.S. Constitution for iPhone

West's U.S. Constitution for iPhone

To the ever-growing list of mobile electronic legal resources, you can now add the United States Constitution. West Publishing has released the digital version of a Pocket Constition for iPhone / iPod Touch. The application, which costs 99 cents, offers the full text, a table of contents and audio of the text.

Interesting side note from West’s blog: I didn’t know that West created the original Pocket Constitution at the request of Chief Justice Warren Burger in the 1980s.

So, if you find yourself frequently engaged in constitutional arguments about rights to free speech or to bear arms or complex discussions regarding separation of church and state or the split of power between the branches of government, this app’s for you.