Casting Your Net In Fertile Waters

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Still on the fence about whether or not to jump into the social media scene for business networking purposes? Nielson Claritas has just released an analysis of consumer behavior offering the conclusion that those using social networks like Facebook, Myspace or LinkedIn are more affluent and more urban than average. The numbers of site visitors are growing by the quarter. Depth of engagement also is increasing. The online panel from which Nielson culled its results numbers more than 200,000. Facebook and Linkedin pulled in the highest scale user. Check out the blurb at Nielsonwire.

I am not going to judge the veracity of these results as I do not nearly enough information about the testing and demographics of the study. Nonetheless, even if the numbers represent an approximation, I humbly suggest that your on-line audiences in these venues may well be interested in focused engagement regarding quality services.

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Computational Search and Your Retirement

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Still wondering what to do with computational search engine WolframAlpha? How about calculating your retirement? Sure you get those statements every year from social security, but why not get an answer that takes into account your current investment strategy, and shows your retirement projections with nifty charts, graphs and distribution comparisons. Check out the WA blog entry on it here and check out the calculator here.

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