Read Well With Jotwell

BooksSensitive to the ever-increasing wealth of on-line legal scholoarship, Jotwell offers a new kind of legal journal: a review of law reviews (and articles).  Jotwell’ s purpose is to offer legal scholars and researchers insight regarding the best and brightest sources of legal thinking. The criteria for inclusion in the Jotwell journal is simply that the reviewing editor “like” the article.  The service’s tag line is “The Journal of Things We Like (Lots).”

Sponsored by the University of Miami School of Law, Jotwell is a series of linked “blogs” filled with the works of reviewing editors and contributors, overseen by a section editor. Sections are defined by areas of law. Because Jotwell is seeking to educate legal scholars unfamiliar with a particular area of the law, Jotwell reviews are written with an eye towards explaining to both specialists and non-specialists why a particular article is important.  

Jotwell’s editor in chief is Michael Froomkin at the University of Miami School of Law. Currently, section areas include administrative law, constitutional law, corporate law, criminal law, cyber law, intellectual property, legal profession and tax but more sections are anticipated.

You can subscribe to Jotwell via the usual methods, via RSS and your feed reader or via email subscription or via regular trips to the Jotwell page.

Jotwell certainly represents an interesting new resource for digesting legal scholarship.

Hat tip to Simon Chester at Slaw.


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