Westlaw OnePass Passes Over the Real Problem

WestlawIn an apparent effort to bring security and access to services up to the standards employed by the rest of the world, West / Thompson is now requiring users to create a OnePass Account to access any and all West / Thompson services, including Westlaw.  By using your old eleven-character password and choosing a user name and password with sufficient security attributes, you can create this account and then use the user name / password combo all over their sites.

Great, West. Thanks. Now bring your legal research services and Web interface into the 21st Century and all will be right with the world.


One comment on “Westlaw OnePass Passes Over the Real Problem

  1. Funny you should mention the antiquated interactions with the large legal services companies. I think we will probably see the leaders start to use technologies like portals, Ajax, XML and document assembly to rapidly join the 21st Century.

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