The Advantage Advocates’ Value-Add

FaceBook PrimaryAs Studio readers may or may not know, I have a business providing research, writing, Web content development and consultation, Advantage Advocates. A few months ago, I made a push to increase the fan base for AA’s Facebook Fan Page with the promise that I would provide on that page more than just Studio posts to reward a potential fan for agreeing to sign up. I mean, why sign up to be a fan of the AA page, when you can simple subscribe straight to the Studio through RSS or on Facebook itself through the Networked Blogs application?

It has taken few months, but I am happy to report that I have indeed come up with a value-add for those interested in becoming a fan of AA’s Facebook Fan page. These days, Google Reader is my number-one source for cutting edge information across the law and technology spectrum. The majority of my blog posts sprout from the seeds I discover in Reader. The problem for me is that there is simply too much interesting stuff going on to write about it all in long post format.

I heavily share items I find in Reader on Twitter and Friendfeed and occasionally share on Social Median. You can subscribe directly to my Google Reader Shared Items and even connect with me in a mutual sharing arrangement within Reader. However, up to this point, I have been generating good content across multiple formats, with Friendfeed offering the most comprehensive collection of Studio-curated material.

Until now. It has taken me the better part of a Sunday to figure out how to get both Studio posts and Reader shares onto my Advantage Advocates page, but I believe I have done it! By becoming a fan of the Advantage Advocates page on Facebook, you can get both Studio posts and Google Reader shares in a single location. I have to tell you, there is some great stuff that I only share through Reader and don’t promote to full blog post status, so if you are a law and tech info junkie, the AA page will now offer a nice “one stop shopping” experience.

I would love to offer all this great content to you! Please stop by my page at, check it out and “fan” if you would like to add this stream to your daily digest! And keep on the lookout for more “value-adds” on the page!


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